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(142) Lucy
Sa, 11 Februar 2023 22:23:35 +0100

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(141) Deanna
Sa, 11 Februar 2023 22:22:06 +0100

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(140) Doris Keeton
Mi, 8 Februar 2023 11:38:04 +0100

Good day everyone, I’m Doris Keeton and I wish to bring to your attention the service of the Spyweb Cyber team who helped me recover my stolen money. A few weeks ago, I was contacted on Instagram by someone pretending to be an account manager and forex investor, I was convinced to invest a huge sum of money through Bitcoins and Ethereum, I sent a total of $77,000 to this person and I was scammed off my money. I was really sad and frustrated, but while I was going through the pain of losing my money, a friend of mine told me about Spyweb Cyber

(139) Juan Brown
Mo, 6 Februar 2023 11:23:46 +0100

Looking for a legit hacker? I can't recommend enough thecybergoat@techie.com because of the service offered to me. I had been scammed $36,040 worth of Etherium in a bi-weekly investment scheme. In less than a week, I had received my funds back and that was only by providing basic details about the transcation. A friend had an unfaithful ex-husband and when they asked for thecybergoat@techie.com help in bugging the husband's gadgets, it was seamless how they setup the mirroring of incoming messages from SMS, Whatsapp, Instagram, to Faceboo

(138) Rosa Dankert
So, 5 Februar 2023 21:56:38 +0100

Hello, I'm Rosa Dankert from Bonn, Germany. I want to share our story of how Spyweb cyber was able to recover our stolen Bitcoins. Some weeks ago, my husband and I saw an opportunity to invest in Bitcoins with huge profit returns, and we invested €197,000 in a cryptocurrency exchange platform, while we continue to be patient as they suggested we put in more money but my husband fell sick and couldn’t work, I tried withdrawing our investment but the platform didn’t allow us and requested we pay 15% of our money before we can withdraw. I

(137) Rebeca Benally
Sa, 4 Februar 2023 08:55:39 +0100

Being scammed is nothing foreign on the net. It happened to me where I lost $213,070 worth of BTC to a scammer. Of course I wouldn't let it go. So I started searching around for a professional who could help me out. I was pointed to the direction of thecybergoat@techie.com who are a group of elites who specialize on on-chain and off-chain analytics and use modern crypto forensic tools. With simple details such as transaction IDs and TXs, they were able to brute the scammers wallet and retrieve the lost funds. It took them less than a week.

(136) Susan Vivian
Mi, 1 Februar 2023 20:01:18 +0100

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(135) Kieki Peter
Mi, 1 Februar 2023 19:58:45 +0100

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(134) GEO
Mi, 1 Februar 2023 19:56:32 +0100

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(133) Lucy
Mi, 1 Februar 2023 19:55:28 +0100

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